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Sungai Lorenz

4°40'S, 138°50'E to 5°30'S, 138'OO'E; east of the Gunung Lorenz Nature Reserve,
in the southern lowlands of Irian Jaya.

c. 140 km of river.

Near sea level.

Biogeographical Province:

Wetland type:
11 & 13.

Description of site:
One of the large slow-flowing rivers of the southern lowlands of Irian Jaya, draining into the Arafura Sea near Agats. The river passes through several major wetland habitats including freshwater swamp forest, peat swamp forest and mangrove forest.

Climatic conditions:
Humid tropical climate.

Principal vegetation:
No information.

Land tenure:
No information.

Conservation measures taken:

Land use:

Disturbances and threats:
No information.

Economic and social values:
The river supports an important freshwater fishery.

Thirty-three species of freshwater fishes have been recorded, including six species known only from this site: Doiichthys novaeguineae, Tetranesodon conorhynchus, Oloplotosus mariae, Plotosus papuensis, Melanotaenia ogibyi and Craterocephalus lacustris. A further fifteen species are endemic to New Guinea: Clupeiodes venulosus, Anus caninatus, A. latirostnis, Cochiefelis danielsi, Hemipimelodus macrorhynchus, Nedystoma dayi, Neosilurus equinus, Anguilla intenioris, Zenarchopterus novaeguineae, Melanotaenia goldiei, Hephaestus roemeni, Glossamia trifasciata, Mogurnda sp. nov., Oxyeleotris fimbriata and 0. novaeguineae. Other species include Anus leptaspis, A. stinlingi, Neosilurus ater, N. brevidorsalis, Porochilus obbesi, Parambassis gulliveri, Pingalla lorentzi, Mogurnda mogurnda, Oxyeleotris herwerdeni. 0. lineolatus, Aseraggodes klunzingeri and Cynoglossus heterolepis. No information is available on the other fauna.

Special floral values:
No information.

Research and facilities:
Allen & Boeseman (1982) have investigated the fish fauna.

Allen & Boeseman (1982).

Criteria for Inclusion:
1b, 2a, 2b, 2d.

Marcel J. Silvius.