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Interactive Malesian Moss Database - Phase 1


  • To prepare database of Moss found in ASEAN region

Research Theme

  • Taxonomy


  • Check, revise and update the taxonomic list of moss found in the ASEAN with separate fields to indicate distribution by country
  • List to as many species description, pictures or keys as possible
  • Develop URL's to other related data holdings
  • Assemble species point locality data from collections, literature, etc.
  • Make a report, wherein much work will consist of literature research and specimen checking in collections to be completed in Singapore.

Expected Outcomes

  • An interactive and searchable database of Malesian Mosses with complete information on localities, countries, habitats, uses, etc.

Indicative budget

  • 10,063.52 Euro


  • One year


  • Raffles Museum (RMBR) and Department of Biological Sciences
    National Singapore University

Project Leader

  • Dr. Benito Ching Tan


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