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Population and conservation biology of selected threatened Malesian ornamental species with emphasis on Johannesteijsmannia H.E. Moore (Palmae)


  • To conduct studies on population genetics, evolution and systematics of the species of Johannesteijsmannia to provide information necessary to effectively manage conservation as well as sustainable exploitation of the species.

Research Theme

  • Biological Uses and Values


  • Conduct in-situ and ex-situ conservation of target species. In-situ conservation will involve re-introductions of nursery propagated material from the same population. Ex-situ conservation will involve the collection of seed or sapling material from distinct populations with significant genetic differences for cultivation in the nursery.
  • Harvest seed from genetically distinct populations and germinated in existing nurseries of the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, and the Department of Biological Sciences, The National University of Singapore.
  • Distribute seed or plant stock to local botanical institutions.
  • Conduct training for the local communities to help conserve the endangered species.

Expected Outcomes

  • Once the program and infrastructure for the first target species are set-up, the same may be applied to other threatened species to be identified later.
  • Upon successful completion of this project, establishment of the plants in nurseries and commercial exploitation of the plants for the horticultural trade in the region may be explored as future projects.

Indicative budget

  • 100,000 Euro


  • Two years

Project Site

  • Borneo, Sumatra, Malaysia
Implementing Agency Investigators

Department of Biological Sciences The National University of Singapore

Associate Prof. Tan Tiang Wah, Hugh

Associate Prof. Kumar, Prakash P.
Dr. Saw Leng Guan
Dr. John Dransfield
Dr. Baker, William J.

Forest Research Institute

Royal Botanic Garden
Kew United Kingdom


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