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37 projects under the ARCBC Research Grant Programme approved for EU funding

Thirty-seven research projects on biodiversity conservation were approved for funding by the European Commission. To date, a total of 2,499,124 euro, equivalent to 99.9% of the 2.5-million grant allocation were divided among the seven participating countries of the ASEAN he research grant program organized by the ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC) aims to: provide solutions to issues on biodiversity conservation throughout ASEAN; improve standards of research in terms of methodology and skills; promote collaboration among ASEAN institutions, and between ASEAN and EU; provide direct benefits for poverty alleviation, and gender-and-development; prepare and package research results that are accessible and digestible for non-scientists. Individual scientists, technicians, researchers, institutions, government agencies and non-government organizations of participating ASEAN countries were called upon to submit grant applications. The call for the submission of project proposals was made in two separate tranches. All submitted grant applications were pre-evaluated and screened by the Country Coordinators of the National Biodiversity Reference Units (NBRUs). Selected proposals were presented by the NBRU Coordinators during the second (14-16 June 2000) and third (07-10 February 2001) meetings of the Scientific Experts Committee that were held in the Philippines. The national members of the Scientific Experts Committee, NBRU Coordinators and Independent Panel of nominated European and ASEAN senior scientists were convened to these SEC meetings to select applications. Selected grant applications were approved and included in the grant programme because they fitted the research themes of the programme, namely: Biodiversity Uses and Values; Taxonomy and Systematics; and Ecological Restoration. Table 1 gives the summary of approved grant application per country and theme.
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