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Projects from Cambodia and Lao PDR added to portfolio for funding under the ARCBC Research Grant Programme

Fifteen more research grant projects, six from Cambodia and nine from Lao PDR, were approved for funding under the Research Grant Programme of the ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC). The research grant projects were approved by the Steering Committee of ARCBC during its fifth meeting held in Siem Reap, Cambodia on 17 July 2002 as recommended by the Scientific Experts Committee (SEC). These projects will then be endorsed to the European Commission for approval. ARCBC launched the grant programme in the two countries on 9-11 June 2002. Thirteen research proposals were received from Cambodia with a total amount of 152,000 euro and 11 research proposals from Lao PDR worth 167,500 euro. These proposals were reviewed, evaluated and selected by the national members of the SEC and ARCBC during the 4th Meeting of the SEC in the Philippines on 19 June 2002. Of the 24 research proposals submitted, 15 (Cambodia, 6; Lao PDR, 9) met the specified criteria. Research grant projects from Cambodia covered the research themes on: Biological Uses and Values (5); and Improving Area Management (1). Lao PDR on the other hand, covered three priority themes on: Biological Uses and Values (6); Ecological Reconstruction (1); and Taxonomy and Systematics (2). Each country has a total earmarked research fund of 125,000 euro. Funding for these projects was made possible with the approval of the Rider to the Financing Agreement. Additional grant funds became available to allow the two countries to participate in the ARCBC Research Grant Programme.

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