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Establishing the Economic Value of the Benefits of the Flood in the Mekong Basin in Lao PDR


  • To use economic analysis to support non-structural development options that accommodate the constraints of the flood in the Mekong Basin while protecting the populace from exposure to flood and maintaining the ecological integrity of river
  • To compare the benefits of "living with the flood" to the benefits and costs of large flood protection infrastructure. The analysis will focus on the flood plains of Southern Laos and Cambodia.
  • To help decision makers make practical decisions for sustainable management of the Mekong Basin.
  • To contribute to the wider spatial planning process that WWF and partner organisations are pursuing in the Mekong ecoregions.

Research Theme Biological Uses and Values


  • Selection of researchers
  • Conduct training and economic valuation
  • Site selection
  • Implementation of pilot study
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Meeting with local stakeholders and focus groups to discuss results of analysis
  • Compilation and dissemination of results
  • Policy input

Expected Outputs

  • Provincial, national and international planning and flood mitigation policies influenced by credible economic arguments that support non-structural development options in the Mekong Basin
  • Contributions to national and regional campaigns for sustainable development of the Mekong Basin
  • Economic tools developed to assist in the process of spatial planning for ecoregion conservation
  • LNMC research capacity strengthened
  • Critical information for the strategy for the Mekong
  • Contributions to general public awareness campaign

Project cost 7,000 EURO

Project Duration 5 months

Project Site Lower Mekong Basin of Lao PDR

Implementing Agency Coordinator

WWF Laos Project Office

Roland Eve
Country Director
P.O. Box 7871, Vientiane, Lao PDR
Tel : 856 21 216080
Fax : 856 21 251883
E-mail: roland@laotel.com

Cooperating Agencies

Lao National Mekong Committee (LNMC) : Luang Prabang Road, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Boriboun Sanasisane
Director General of Secretariat
Tel : 856 21 216555 Fax : 856 21 217013
E-mail: boriboun.lnmc@laonet.net

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