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Spacing Trial of 3 Varieties of Cardomom Plantation in Northern Laos


  • To demonstrate which variety of cardamom and in which model of spacing is suitable for further development
  • To develop an effective program for cardamom through out the country
  • To form a network of cardamom cooperation between farmers and traders which allow confidence and participation of women
  • To support policy makers' good decision for NTFP promotion, especially concerning the cardamom
  • To satisfy quantity and quality demand of the local and external markets which lead to the income generation of local people.

Research Theme Biological Uses and Values


  • Conduct experiments on trial spacing of three varieties of Cardamom in Northern part of Lao PDR
  • Consolidation of information with local authority and farmers
  • Conduct meetings with stakeholders regarding the implementation of the project
  • Preparation of wildlings/seedlings and land/site
  • Data gathering
  • Review and evaluation
  • Preparation and submission of reports

Expected Outputs

  • Design of intensive plantation and good management of cardamom developed
  • High income from forest resources (i.e. cardamom) will contribute to the alleviation of poverty and reduction of slash and burn for cultivation

Project cost 10,000 EURO

Project Duration 15 months

Project Site Northern Laos

Implementing Agency Coordinator

Forest Research Center

Sounthone Ketphanh
Chief of NTFP Section Forestry Research Center (FRC)
PO Box 7174
Telfax: 856-21-770 892 (office)
Tel: 856-21-413-363 (home)
Mobile: 020-511-653

Cooperating Agencies

Oudomxay Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office
(PAFO); Relevant District Agriculture and Forestry Office
(DAFO); Selected village and administrative committees

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