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Migration and Habitat Studies of the Elephants in Salakham District, Sayaboury Province


  • To gather data on habitat uses and migration of elephants in Salakham District;
  • To record the migration of elephants, including their intra- and interspecific interactions, and their response to human-related activities in the area;
  • To gather historical information on the elephant ranging patterns and behavior in the area;
  • To gather historical and current information on human/elephant conflicts in the area;
  • To opportunistically record the frequency of visits amid activity of elephants using the habitat

Research Theme Biological Uses and Values


  • Monitoring of the habitat for elephant activity
  • Identification of elephants by habitat
  • Conduct training for field assistants
  • Conduct observations which include recording of behavioral activity, frequency of use and their response to human-related activities
  • Gather information on the history of elephant ranging patterns and behavior, and on current and past human/elephant conflict issues in the area.

Expected Outputs

  • Recommendation and proposed mitigation measures for the conservation and management of the Slakham elephant population developed.
  • Reports submitted to the Division of Forest Resources Conservation (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) and the ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC)
  • Strengthened capacity building of District and Provincial staff to undertake elephant conservation.

Project cost 15,000 EURO ( All the budget of this research is responsibility of Department of Forestry )

Project Duration 6 months

Project Site Salakham District, Sayaboury Province

Implementing Agency Coordinator

Division of Forest Resource Conservation &
Wildlife Conservation Society
Vientiane. Lao PDR
Tel/Fax: 856-21-215400
E-mail: wcslao@laonet.net

Mr. Khamkhoune Khounboline
Biology conservation (M.Sc)

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