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Impacts of Tourism Development and Resource Assessment in Pak Ou Caves, Luangprabang World Heritage, Lao PDR


The main objectives of the research are to assess the perception of the local residents towards development of tourism in Luangprabang World Heritage, and to find out the recreational activities and facilities preferred by the visitors. The specific objectives of the study are:

  • To determine residents' attitudes towards impacts of tourism development in Luangprabang Province
  • To analyse the use of natural resources of the area by the residents. To identify the uses of the area by visitors and determine the types of activities preferred by the visitors
  • To assess the resources in Pak Ou Cave with reference to the perception of the residents and tourists in relation to the importance and attractiveness of the resources
  • To identify the uses of the area to visitors and determine the types of activities preferred by the visitors
  • To identify variables which influence the perception of residents and visitors towards tourism development
  • To propose policies for a sustainable ecotourism in Luangprabang World Heritage site.

Research Theme Biological Uses and Values


  • Preliminary survey for selection of study areas
  • Questionnaire development
  • Pre-testing of questionnaire
  • Sampling and data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Preparation of reports

Expected Outputs

  • The outcomes of the research would become a very useful decision making tool for a better tourism management and monitoring. Planners, managers and policy makers would become familiar with the impacts of tourism development and help them understand the needs of the residents and visitors.
  • Future strategy for a sustainable ecotourism in the Luangprabang World Heritage and Laos in general, formulated.

Project cost 20,000 EURO

Project Duration 15 months

Project Site Luangprabang province

Implementing Agency Coordinator

Department of Forest Management
Faculty of Forestry
National University of Laos

Dr. Sengdeuane WAYAKONE
Mobile: 020-509064
Fax: 00856-21-732294
E-mail: profep.sw@laonet.net

Collaborating Agencies

National Tourism Authority of Lao PDR
Luangprabang Tourism Office
Luangprabang Agriculture and Forestry Offices
Luangprabang Forestry Section

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