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Inventory of the Edible Forest Products in Sangthong District, Vientiane Municipality, Lao People's Democratic Republic


  • To conduct a comprehensive inventory of knowledge on edible forest products.
  • To identify the species that would provide edible products
  • To review the potentials for improving food security in the rural areas.
  • To obtain baseline data on edible forest products

Research Theme Taxonomy and Systematics


  • Preliminary survey for the selection of study areas
  • Semi-structured interviews with local health and para-health officials and representatives of the villages
  • Collection of specimens
  • Identification of plant species with potential edible uses
  • Preparation of reports

Expected Outputs

  • Data for food security strategies allowing communities to maintain their local knowledge base for continuous innovation.
  • Data will be contributed to the provincial and district planning process.
  • Suitable database for the preservation, retrieval, integration, innovation and management of knowledge on edible forest products.

Project cost 20,000 EURO

Project Duration 15 months

Project Site Sangthong District, Vientiane Municipality province

Implementing Agency Coordinator

Department of Forest Management
Faculty of Forestry National University of Laos

Mr. Khamleck XAYDALA
Tel: 00-856-414813
Fax: 00856-21-732294
E-mail: profep.sw@laonet.net

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