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Essentials of Protected Area Management in the Philippines (2000)

Volume 13
by Ted T. Bonpin and Asis G. Perez Associates

ISBN: 971-8986-28-6

The primer discusses the important provisions of various administrative orders of the Philippine's Department of Environment and Natural Resources. It answers basic and frequently asked questions about the administrative procedure for violations in protected areas (PAs). It describes in detail the Philippine legal process from apprehension, seizure, confiscation to the disposition of items subject of illegal activities in PAs.  It also includes remedies available to offenders  to alert park rangers and community-based law enforcers of possible pitfalls that might derail their noble actions.

The primer expects to enrich the knowledge and skills of field officers and community-based paralegals in PAs. It also expects that the users enrich this work by giving suggestions and asking more practical questions arising from their experiences in law enforcement.


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