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Essentials of Protected Area Management in the Philippines (2001)

Volume 1
by Struan Simpson and Sahlee Bugna

ISBN: 971-8986-23-5

Biodiversity, Conservation and the Community are essentially the three strands running through the concept of "environment."  Biodiversity represents genetic variability in a wide variety of plants and animals.  Conservation is managing biodiversity and natural resources sustainably.  Communities who depend on these resources for their livelihood, health and prosperity must be the ones who insist that national environment policies are efficiently and effectively put into practice. The harmonious inter-relationship of these three concepts in protected area management will most likely define the successful protection of Philippine ecology.

This volume discusses Philippine biodiversity, reasons for biodiversity loss, as well as a description of the measures instigated to ensure biodiversity conservation.  It is a guide aimed at a wide audience, including students, researchers, grassroots organizations, protected area personnel, policy-makers and funding agencies, and provides an insight on protected area management in the Philippines.


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