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National Parks of Vietnam

By Hoang Hoe, Le Van Lanh , Nguyen Ba Thu, Nguyen Duc Khang and Vu Van Dung.
ISBN: None
Year: 2001


  • Nature and Environment in Vietnam.
  • History of National Parks and other Protected Areas.
  • Difficulties and Challenges of Protected Areas in Vietnam.
  • New Planning for the Special-Use Forest System in Vietnam.

Sourcebook of Existing and Proposed Protected Areas in Vietnam

By Birdlife International Vietnam Programme and the Forest Inventory and Planning Institute

A loose leaf compilation of the technical report for the project entitled: Expanding the Protected Areas Network in Vietnam for the 21st Century

This sourcebook has been designed to improve access to information about Vietnam's protected areas.
The sourcebook contains site cards for 189 existing and proposed protected areas in Vietnam. Each site card summarizes the existing information available about the site, and directs the reader to more detailed sources of information.

We anticipate the sourcebook will provide:

  • reliable information on the location, status and values of Vietnam's protected areas, as a resource for planners and decision-makers at international, national and provincial levels;
  • baseline data for monitoring the impacts of national and provincial policies and plans on the national system of Special-use Forest and other protected areas;
  • a resource for training, awareness and educational activities, of particular potential value at the provincial, district and site levels; and
  • a first step towards a more comprehensive review of information available on Vietnam's system of Special-use Forests and other protected areas.

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