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OEPP Biodiversity Series

Office of Environmental Policy and Planning (OEPP), Thailand
To order, please email sisikul@oepp.go.th


Volume One

Forest Insects of Thailand

Chaweewan Hutacharen
Nopachon Tubtim

ISBN: 974-7978-70-9

Volume Two

Bryophytes in Thailand

Compiled by:
Renoo Sorsamran
Obchant Thaitong

ISBN: 974-7978-69-5

Volume Three

Algae in Thailand

Compiled by:
Khanjanapaj Lewmanomont
Ladda Wongrat
Chatcharee Supanwanid

ISBN: 974-89370-1-1


Volume Four

Fishes in Thailand

Compiled by:
Supap Monkolprasit
Suebsin Sontirat
Suri Vimollohakarn
Taweesak Songsirikul

ISBN: 974-89954-6-1

Volume Five

Crustacean Fauna in Thailand
(Decapoda and Stomatopoda)

Phaibul Naiyanetr

ISBN: 974-7577-75-5

Volume Six

Wild Mammals of Thailand

Compiled by:
Prateep Duengkae

ISBN: 974-7577-93-3


Volume Seven

Birds of  Bung Boraphet

Compiled by:
Obhas Khobkhet

ISBN: 974-7578-07-7

Volume Eight

Orchids of Thailand

Obchant Thaithong

ISBN: 974-7579-61-8

Volume Eleven

Pterdophytes in Thailand

Compiled by:
Thaweesakdi Boonkerd
Rossarin Pollawatn

ISBN: 974-7580-55-1


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