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Projects and Programs
Trans-National ASEAN

Asean Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC) (ASEAN Member Countries) (1999-2004) (Funded by the European Communities and the Government of the Philippines)

Sustainable Management of Resources in the Lower Mekong Basin Project (SMRP) (KHM, LAO, THA and VNM) (Funded by the Mekong River Commission and GTZ)

Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) (Funded by the Global Environment Facility)

Capacity-building in the Forest Seed Sectors of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam (1998-2003) (Funded by DANIDA)

Capacity Building for Coral Reef Conservation and Management in SE Asia (Funded by USAID-East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative)

Brunei Durassalem

Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre

Concrete to Coral Project


Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve

Biodiversity Survey of Cardamom Mountains (Funded by Fauna and Flora International)

Cambodia Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Project (2000-2003) (Funded by the World Bank-Global Environment Facility)

Cambodia Tree Seed Project (1998-2003) (Funded by Danish International Development Assistance or DANIDA)

Cambodian Wetlands Project (Funded by DANIDA)

Formulation of a Governance-focused Natural Resource Management and Environment (NRME)

Participatory Natural Resource Management in the Tonle Sap Region (Funded by the Belgian Government)

Biodiversity Enabling Activity (Funded by GEF)

Gunung Halimun National Park- Biodiversity Conservation Project Phase II

Biodiversity Conservation Project (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

Marine and Coastal Resources Project (mjrahman@adb.org) (Funded by the Asian Development Bank)

Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection Project (Funded by FFI, IUCN/World Wildlife Fund, Exxon Save The Tiger Fund)

Area Development for the Rehabilitation of Critical Land and the Protection of Natural Resources and Environment (PRORLK) (Funded by the German Government)

Berbak Sembilan Project (2000-2004) (Implemented by Wetlands International and funded by WB-GEF)

Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project (1998-2001) (Funded by WB)

Conserving Marine Resources and Biodiversity in the Eastern Indonesian and Sulu-Sulawesi Seas (Funded by USAID-East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative)

Strengthening the Framework for Decentralized Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Management in Irian Jaya (Funded by USAID-East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative)

A Voice in the Forest: Building Constituencies for Reform of Natural Resources Management and Conservation in Indonesia (Funded by USAID-East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative)

Kerinci-Seblat Integrated Conservation and Development Project (1996-2002) (GEF)

Biodiversity Collection the Research and Development Center for Biology (PPPB) (1994-2001) (GEF)

Natural Resources Management Program (1992-2003) (United States Agency for International Development or USAID)
Rehabilitation of wetland zones in Luang Prabang (1999 - 2002) (Funded by the European Commission)

Support for the Institute of Living Freshwater Resources (1999-2004) (Funded by DANIDA)

Assessment of Mekong Fisheries (1997-2003) (Funded by DANIDA)

Support to Institutional Capacity Building of the National Tree Seed Sector (1998-2003) (Funded by DANIDA)

A Framework for the Use, Protection and Management of Biodiversity (2001-2002) (Funded by DANIDA and DANCED)

Integrated Biodiversity Conservation and Community Development in Nam Et and Phou Loei NBCAs (2000-2002) (Funded by DANIDA)

Planning and Initiation of a National Aquatic Resources Institute (1999-2004) (Funded by DANIDA)
Malaysian-German Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation Project (Funded by BMZ-German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)

Langkawi Archipelago Project (Funded by WWF Malaysia)

Ma' Daerah Turtle Sanctuary (WWF Malaysia, BP Amoco)

Semprona Park Management Planning for Conservation and Sustainable Development (1998-2001) (Funded by the European Commission)

Nature, Training and Research Centre at Endau Rompin National Park, Johore (1996-2001) (Funded by DANCED)

Conservation and Development of Perlis State Park (2002-2003) (Funded by DANCED)

Management Plan for Maliau Basin (1999-2002) (Funded by DANCED)

Capacity-building at the Environmental Conservation Department of MTDEST, Sabah (1999-2001) (Funded by DANCED)
National Integrated Protected Areas Programme (NIPAP) (1995-2002)

Technical Assistance for Improving Biodiversity Conservation in Protected Areas in the Philippines (TABC) - Phase II

Conservation of Priority Protected Areas Project (CPPAP)

Samar Island Biodiversity Project (SIBP)

More on the web site of the Philippines NBRU
Care for Nature Programme (HSBC Singapore)

Wildlife Conservation Fund
Local Participation in Highland Forest Conservation Project (1999 - 2003) (Funded by European Commission)

Capacity building to support training and education on coastal biodiversity in Ranong (2000 - 2003) (Funded by the European Commission)

Capacity Building in Biodiversity (1999-2002) (Funded by Danish Co-operation for Environment and Development or DANCED)

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (1999-2002) (Funded by DANCED)

Resources Policy Support Initiative (REPSI) (Funded by the World Resources Institute)
Social Forestry and Nature Conservation in Nghe An Province (sfnc@hn.vnn.vn) (Funding EU & VNM)

Cuc Phuong Conservation Project (Funded by Fauna and Flora International)

Forestry Sector Project (1998-2004) (Funded by ADB)

Coastal Wetlands Protection and Development Project (1999-2006) (Funded by WB and DANIDA)

Marine Conservation Initiatives for Con Dao National Park (Funded by USAID-East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative)

Forest Protection and Rural Development Project (1997-2004) (Funded by WB)

Protected Areas for Resource Conservation (PARC) in Vietnam (Funded by the United Nations Development Program)

In-situ conservation of native landraces and their wild relatives (Funded by UNDP)

Support for Management of Natural Conservation Areas (1998-2001) (Funded by DANIDA)

Sustainable Management of Ke Go Nature Reserve (Ha Tinh) (2000-2002) (Funded by DANIDA)

Pilot Marine Protected Areas Project at Hon Mun (2000 - 2004) (Funded by DANIDA)

Strengthening Protected Area Management in Vietnam (1999-2002) (Funded by DANIDA)

U Minh Thuong Nature Reserve Conservation and Community Development (1998-2003) (Funded by DANIDA)

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