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Haribon Foundation Inc. sustainable development by: Promoting and undertaking community-based resource management strategies in specific sites; Conducting scientific and socio-economic researches on natural ecosystems to benefit communities and to promote sustainable approaches to development; Raising the national consciousness on sustainable development to promote a constituency for environmental issues and membership for Haribon.

The Foundation for Philippine Environment initiates, assists and finances projects that supports biodiversity conservation and sustainable development efforts in priority sites in the Philippines. FPE aims, furthermore, to strengthen the capacities of NGOs, POs and local communities to be significant agents of biodiversity conservation through stewardship and responsible management of the natural resources and ecosystems in their environment.

Global Change Impact Center for South East Asia IC-SEA
The Global Change Impacts Centre for Southeast Asia (IC-SEA) is the first regional centre in the developing regions established to assess the impacts of global change, and their implications for the sustainable management of terrestrial ecosystems. IC-SEA's mission is to develop the capacity of the Southeast Asian region for sustainable development under global change. The website serves as the most comprehensive information pool on global change and its implications in South East Asia. It includes a searchable database on global change impacts literature as well as on upcoming events. Extensive information is given on the activities and the partners of IC-SEA. Alltogether a very valuable website for South East Asia.

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