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The ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC) serves as the central focus for networking and institutional linkage among ASEAN members countries and between ASEAN and European Union (EU) partner organizations to enhance the capacity of ASEAN in promoting biodiversity conservation.

As spelled out in the Financing Agreement , EU provides the means for networking , applied research , training and technical assistance, while ASEAN provides office space and facilities and support personnel. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is the Executing Agency.

Overall Objective

The overall project goal is to intensify biodiversity conservation through improved co-operation in a comprehensive regional context, by assisting in setting up a network of institutional links among ASEAN countries and between ASEAN and EU partner organizations. 

The project will assist the ASEAN member countries in developing a framework for improving technical and institutional approaches through regional cooperation for managing biodiversity conservation. 

In practical terms this aim is considered to be best achieved by supporting the establishment of ARCBC, which will serve as the central focus point for the elaboration and co-ordination of a regional permanent network through the National Biodiversity Reference Units located in the ASEAN countries, maintaining and intensifying the links established by this project beyond the duration of the EU support. 

Specific Objective

The above general objective will be achieved through the implementation of a program of financial and technical assistance which shall:

Promote the formation of a regional network of institutional intra-ASEAN and ASEAN/EU links in the biodiversity sector which will focus on the importance of strengthened biodiversity

Foster collaborative partnerships on biodiversity between ASEAN and European universities and institutions in the field of training, research, information management, etc.

Identify the needs and assist in the training of the manpower required to bring about significant improvements in the management of biodiversity conservation in the ASEAN region and in the implementation of biodiversity conservation strategies.

Identify and help overcome the critical information gaps which impede effective management and protection of ASEAN's biodiversity. In particular, it will support specific research projects in biodiversity conservation and facilitate institutional capabilities that link applied environmental and socio-economic research to biodiversity conservation and related planning priorities.

Analyze, document and disseminate information on regional biodiversity conservation.

Establish and maintain an appropriate database referral system which links national and international institutions and agencies holding information relevant to biodiversity conservation, to the ARCBC and NBRUs database networks, and possibly with the ASEAN web network where appropriate.

Assist the relevant biodiversity bodies and institutions in the analysis of existing biodiversity legislation and the formulation of proposals for co-ordinating regional policies and initiatives on biodiversity conservation, in line with international treaties and agreements.

Organize workshops, conferences and seminars on regional biodiversity conservation issues, and assist in increasing awareness and participation among national decision makers and officials and other relevant bodies and actors on regional biodiversity issues.

Assist in upgrading curricula on biodiversity conservation used in ASEAN universities and training institutions.