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Project Diaries: 2003

30 June 2003

ARCBC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Instituto Di Ecologica Applicata (IEA) of Rome, Italy. The Agreement will allow the collaboration in the implementation of data inventory and collection on large mammals in the ASEAN. It will establish a databank and network for conservation and monitoring of Mammal Biodiversity in Southeast Asia. Specifically, ARCBC shall be responsible for making available to IEA the datasets on ASEAN mammals including point data on mammals held in ARCBC.

06 June 2003

DENR Secretary Elisea Gozun formally endorsed in a letter the proposal for the six-month extension of ARCBC to the National Economic Development Authority.

01-26 June 2003

In collaboration with Natural Science University and Lower Mekong River Basin Management ARCBC had implemented the Wetland Ecology and Conservation in the Lower Mekong Basin held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Twenty-four (24) participants from eight universities in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam attended the 25-day course, which was co-financed by the MacArthur Foundation and the International Crane Foundation. The programme combined theoretical instruction with fieldwork and is intended to support the development of junior lecturers/instructors in the eight universities both in terms of their technical knowledge and also their training and lecturing skills.

01-05 April 2003

ARCBC participated in the IUCN-WCPA 3rd Southeast Asian Meeting was held in Manila, Philippines. It presented in the Meeting the Competence Standards for Protected Areas Jobs for ASEAN developed by ARCBC. The Meeting later endorsed the Competence Standards for the use in the management of protected areas and biodiversity conservation activities in the ASEAN.

24-27 March 2003

ARCBC presented a Scoping Paper on Harmonisation of CBD at the Workshop on Harmonization of Multilateral Environment Agreement held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as commissioned by the ASEAN Secretariat.

16 March - 02 April 2003

A Review of the Institutional Sustainability of ARCBC (Phase I) was undertaken to examine the sustainability of the ARCBC: looking at its future legal status and institutional structure; its programme; and its future financial prospects, in the light of the end of the current European Union (EU) -funded project in February 2004. It aims to prepare a long-term plan for the continued activities of ARCBC for a period of up to 5 years beyond the current project ending date of February 2004; and to suggest how the long-term values and activities developed under the current project can be sustained.

04 March 2003

ASEAN Senior Officials on the Environment discussed and came up with a number of agreements about the ARCBC Phase II (2005-2010) during the 6th Meeting of the Steering Committee of ARCBC in Siemreap, Kingdom of Cambodia.

2-15 March 2003

ARCBC sponsored and delivered the Training on Biodiversity Information Sharing and Data Management at the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Bangkok, Thailand. Participants to this training were permanent employees of government institutions that are actively involved in the data management for the Clearing House Mechanism and preparation of reports to international conventions (e.g. CITES, RAMSAR) of the ASEAN member countries. The over-all objective is to set up country-specific databases and data sharing protocol in-country and among the ASEAN biodiversity focal institutions. The training course specifically aimed to: a. create and maintain SQL databases; b. publish the database over the web; c. extract the country databases from ARCBC database and bring back biodiversity data to respective countries; and d. demonstrate the use and application of ARCBC developed softwares.

27 February - 15 April 2003

The Institutional Sustainability Consultancy for ARCBC was undertaken to prepare a long-term plan for the continued activities of ARCBC for a period of up to 5 years beyond the current project ending date of February 2004; and to suggest how the long-term values and activities developed under the current project can be sustained.

03-05 February 2003

During the 7th Consultative Meeting of the National Biodiversity Reference Units and ARCBC, the Meeting recommended that ARCBC Phase II will have the following features: More operational autonomy than the present arrangement Multiple sources of funding More commitment of ASEAN member countries The Meeting also agreed that the present services being offered by ARCBC will be continued, as follows: Networking and Policy Development Training Research Database Publication The Meeting agreed that the Sustainability Mission may recommend activities that will address other biodiversity issues that are regional in nature.

18 January - 22 February

In accordance with the instruction of the Steering Committee of ARCBC during its 5th Meeting, and upon recommendation of the Mid-Term Review Mission in November 2002, an Identification and Appraisal Mission started. The objective of the Mission is to prepare a follow-up project/programme to enhance regional and national capacity for sustainable management of biological diversity, by building on the achievements and experiences of the existing ARCBC project, which can be submitted to the EC for approval.