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Project Components

Networking and Institution Building

This component establishes a regional network via the National Biodiversity Reference Units to link scientific knowledge and promote information exchange and synergies on biodiversity. It will likewise develop and implement an exchange program for professors and researchers among ASEAN institutions and invite European leading experts (Biodiversity Visiting Chairs) to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience. It will design and implement thematic workshops and policy fora on biodiversity conservation. For further information please contact the ARCBC Networking and Institutional Building (NIB) branch.

Training and Extension

This component includes Training Needs Assessments (TNA) of institutions and human resources in order to design training packages and methods for individuals and stakeholders involved in biodiversity conservation. Assessment and improvement in biodiversity curricula in academic and training institutions are part of this component. For further information please contact the ARCBC Training and Extension branch.

Research and Development

This component will set-up guidelines to define research priorities, organize conferences to finalize the regional research agenda, identify research institutions, provide funds for applied biodiversity research and monitor research activities. For further information please contact the ARCBC Research branch.

Database and Information Management Systems

This component deals with creating and maintaining electronic repositories for ASEAN and link to the other international databases. It has also established guidelines for information handling services. For further information please contact the ARCBC Database and technical support branch.

Information Dissemination

This component deals with Information, Education and Communication through various media including the Internet, the publication on a quarterly newsletter (ASEAN Biodiversity) and other biodiversity reference material. The activity is based in Quezon City at the Information Communication Technology Center.